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The Young ClassX

Angelika Bachmann developed the idea for the orchestra “TheYoungClassX” in 2007 in conjunction with Alexander Birken of the famous mail-order company otto group. The goal is to enable as many children in Hamburg as possible to enjoy music – free of charge. In the last five years the initiative, whose artistic directors are Angelika Bachmann and Iris Siegfried, has touched the lives of more than 10.000 children. 5.000 children, for example, sing in local choirs all over the city; classes of schoolchildren travel more than 60 times a year on the MusikMobil to rehearsals at the home of the north German broadcasters’ NDR symphony orchestra or at the opera company Opernfundus. More and more school students are learning how to play their instruments from older students or music students according to the coach-to-coach principle, or play in the project orchestra conducted by renowned figures such as Christoph von Dohnányi, Muhai Tang and Christoph Eschenbach. There are up to three workshop concerts held in Hamburg every week. otto group provides the project with a six-figure sum in sponsorship money every year.

The target group of the initiative, which was established in 2008 by Salut Salon and otto group, are children and young people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to be active musicians because of their social background, for instance. Through the practical activity of playing music, children learn the basic qualities of a strong character – perseverance, discipline, self-esteem, empathy and resilience in the face of frustration – all characteristics that will stand them in good stead all their lives. In a range of modules, Choir, Project Orchestra and MusikMobil, "The Young ClassX" cooperates with over 50 Hamburg schools and inspires as many children and young people as possible to experience music in all sorts of ways.

The innovative, on-going music project, one of its kind, is a unique symbiosis of private enterprise, cultural institutions (Elbphilharmonie, Hamburgische Staatsoper, NDR and others), ministries of culture and education, state institutions (schools, universities, music schools) as well as renowned artists. The work of the association was honoured in a special way when 100 young singers performed at the garden party hosted by Federal German President in 2011 at Schloss Bellevue and when "The Young ClassX" won the award of “Selected Landmark 2011” in the competition “365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas”.

Annual Concert 2014

The Young ClassX
Annual Concert

23rd June 2014
7 p.m.

Special Guest:

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