Musikschule in Chile

Escuela Popular de Artes | Chile

Salut Salon’s mission (from Day One), to make music that brings joy and fun to audiences, extends far beyond the quartet’s native Germany. For almost 15 years now the four “musical ambassadors” have, in cooperation with German aid organization Kindernothilfe,  been involved with Escuela Popular de Artes, a music school in the poverty-stricken neighbourhood of Achupallas in Chile.

Inspired by a performance which the quartet gave with its prize-winning school orchestra, the “Coole Streicher”, Prof. Dr. Hans Bäßler of the German Music Council approached Salut Salon and asked the quartet to sponsor the South American music school. After many reciprocal visits and joint concerts, both in Chile and in Germany, a close relationship has grown.   Also, with the aid of numerous benefit concerts, many new sponsors have been won, and this has assured the continuation and further development of the project in the long term.  

To date, Salut Salon has succeeded in “playing together” more than 500,000 Euro in donations for Escuela Popular de Artes. When the project got underway, there were only 100 students, now over 350 girls and boys at Escuela Popular de Artes receive free music tuition and are also looked after by social workers in their family environment. The school offers all of them the chance of a lifetime, both socially and artistically to escape the vicious circle of poverty, drug and alcohol abuse. To experience music, to enjoy shared success and to gain self-confidence through music, and thus grow fit and strong to tackle life’s challenges, these are the gifts which Salut Salon seeks to give to the young people of Achupallas.


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