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Of Cool Strings and Young Classical Musicians

What is your passion in life? The answer to this question often lies in your own personal life story. That’s how it is with Angelika Bachmann and Iris Siegfried, too: and it’s no coincidence that the two violinists and founder members of the quartet Salut Salon have for over 20 years flexed their musical muscle for children and young musicians. Their undying commitment definitely has something to do with the thing that they always wondered about as young children: why do we play in competitions to score points? Why do grown-ups put so much pressure on kids to learn a musical instrument? Why does everybody have to be professional musician? “We were convinced that children can experience music in a completely different way,” Angelika Bachmann said, “by having fun!”

Angelika Bachmann and Iris Siegfried were awarded in 2011 the German Presidential Service Medal of Honour at Schloss Bellevue in Berlin for their contribution to society.

Ghetto Classics Nairobi / Kenia


During their Africa Tour in 2015, Salut Salon have worked with the children of "Ghetto Classics" in Korogocho. Korogocho is one of the largest slum...

Angelika Bachmann

Cool Strings

Salut Salon have set new standards in music teaching with their very own orchestra for children and young people: "Die Coolen Streicher". The...

Musikschule in Chile

Escuela Popular de Artes

Salut Salon’s mission (from Day One), to make music that brings joy and fun to audiences, extends far beyond the quartet’s native Germany. For almost...

The Young ClassX

Angelika Bachmann developed the idea for the orchestra “TheYoungClassX” in 2007 in conjunction with Alexander Birken of the famous mail-order company...

Hamburg Instrumental Competition

Every year, over 250 children and young people aged between 6 and 20 take part in the prestigious Hamburg Instrumental Competition. This event was...


02. Oct 2022
Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Stadthalle Rheda-Wiedenbrück
03. Oct 2022
Buchholz i. d. Nordheide, Empore
07. Oct 2022
Itzehoe, Theater Itzehoe