On tour with a new program

What you've always wanted to hear about LOVE...

At Salut Salon, everything is about the oldest pastime in human existence, the thing that has inspired composers since the birth of music - LOVE. Until 2019 Angelika Bachmann (violin), Iris Siegfried (violin), Olga Shkrygunova (piano) and Sonja Lena Schmid (cello) are on tour with their new program. The quartet feels that "Love is what it's all about". And their music is bursting with it: Salut Salon play with all facets of the greatest hobby in the world combined with a large dose of humor. The ECHO prize winners go beyond genre boundaries, performing pieces by Sergej Prokofiev, Astor Piazzolla, Bach, Vivaldi and Rachmaninov as well as their own arrangements. Among them, chansons exploring the deeper meaning of love. They ask questions like "How deeply can one love without coming up for air?", give possible answers (based on Erich Fried's famous poem) "It is what it is...", get melancholy with "I love you too much", an old Jewish tango that Salut Salon sings in Plattdeutsch and bring their own versions of the most famous songs in pop history, from Marilyn Monroe to Herbert Grönemeyer, to the stage.




13. Dec 2019
Mainz, Frankfurter Hof
14. Dec 2019
Mainz, Frankfurter Hof
21. Dec 2019
Bad Kissingen, Regentenbau