We are mourning for Romy Nagy

Salut Salon Cellist died in Berlin

It was love at first sight when we met Romy in December 2017 and she became a cellist for our quartet. Since then, we've been touring Europe with her, enjoying every moment with her, the musician and friend. She faced life in her own way, able to accept all aspects of reality.

Deeply she experienced the music and pulled us on stage into her world. Sharing with her, music as well as everyday life, was a joy and touched our souls. She was special. Rare.

For months we have been working together on our new program with Romy as our first cellist. Together we were looking forward to the premiere of 2020. We are deeply sad that we will not play it with her any more. Romy died too early on May 25, 2019 in Berlin.

We are sad. Our thoughts are with the family of Romy, her husband and two children.

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